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Resourceful,  ardent and international – a concierge at a top hotel is there to answer guests' questions and help sort out everything they need. He is the one who opens not only the door to the hotel but also the door to our wonderful city of Wiesbaden. He is the one who can make their stay as exciting, easy and stress free as possible.


Our concierge will help you plan trips, book theatre tickets, concert tickets or restaurant tables for you. He is the man! The man with a finger on the pulse of "his" city. He knows which are the "in" bars to go to or the best restaurant to try some true Wiesbaden specialities just as much as which jogging trails to go on to get the best views of the city.

How can you tell that a concierge has all these amazing qualities? well, if he has a golden key on his lapel then it means he is a member of the "Clefs D’Or" - the international association of concierges in the very best hotels in the world.

Contact our concierge

Our concierge will be dellighted to help you plan your stay


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