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Ancellin oysters „La Rochelle“

Chester bread


Piece EUR   6,00

Grated Alsatian Foie Gras

lychee, plum wine jelly, sliced plum ceeds, salt butter brioche




EUR 27,00


Tatar of red wild prawn

coriander mayonnaise, fennel, black quinoa, green appel sorbet




EUR 26,00






Bio egg 65/60

popcorn polenta, crispy chicken skin, guinea fowl juice


Asparagus cream soup
saddle of rabbit, ham, wild garlic pesto



EUR 19,00



EUR 24,00





Scottish sole

„Leipziger mixed vegetable“ lobster shear, melted peas creme




EUR 46,00


Atlantic turbot

asparagus, morel, potato




EUR 65,00





Filet of Simmentaler heifer glazed with joney and allspice

pumpkin tortellini, pumpkin seed, wild broccoli, sour cream




EUR 46,00


Our recommendation for two persons

Preparation time approx. 45 minutes

Served in two courses

Per person EUR 43,00



Braised Barbarie corn fed duck “Prince de Dombes” of Mieral

pointed cabbage, orange zest, curd dumpling


Pink fried Challans duck “Label Rouge”

asparagus, semolina dumpling with melted saltsticks






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