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Gillardeau Oyster ”La Rochelle”
Chester bread


Piece EUR   6,00

Planed Alsatian goose liver
Rhubarb, raspberry segments, almonds, salt butter brioche




EUR 27,00


Marinated spring vegetables
Asparagus, quail egg, wild garlic, pastrami of duck breast




EUR 26,00


Carpaccio of Scottish scallops
Wheat grass oil, imperial caviar, popped wheat




EUR 28,00





Essence of guinea fowl
Asparagus, peas, morels, duck liver




EUR 21,00





Breton bass
Spring vegetables, smoked ox marrow ravioli, roasted onion stock




EUR 44,00


Norwegian Halibut
Champagne tripe, salted sticks chive crust, shallots, mushroom croquettes,

water cress sauce



EUR 46,00





Cutlet of Bavarian free range veal
Stewed Caesar salad, morels, egg yolk, pommes pont neuf




EUR 45,00

Our suggestions for two persons

Preparation time approx. 45 minutes

Per person EUR 42,00



Barbarie free range corn-fed duck
Pointed cabbage rolls, morels, semolina dumplings, orange

Pink pan-fried Challans duck
Corn cream, red spinach beet, pumpernickel, blueberries, polenta dumpling



  Preparation of desserts approximately 20 min


Subject to modifications according to the current offer.

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