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Gourmet cuisine

Since joining ENTE in 2006 chef de cuisine Michael Kammermeier has been heading up the restaurant with great dedication and remarkable success. With this young chef at the helm the restaurant has continued to earn its Michelin star. Before joining the ENTE in Wiesbaden Michael Kammermeier gained both national and international experience with a number of renowned top chefs.

Whether you choose the table d'hôte menu or your own favorites from the à la carte menu you will find a successful melange of classic European dishes with the chef's very own innovative, creative and sometimes surprising touches such as: "Scottish scallops with a sweetcorn crème brulée, asparagus and a coconut gelée“.


But there are also some tried and tested favorites such as "crispy duck" to choose from. 
Let our menu be your inspiration - we invite you to join us for a somewhat unusual gourmet foray.

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