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French oysters “Fine de Claire“
with lemon, shallot vinaigrette and Chester bread


Pan-fried king prawns
with lime cream and potato chorizo salad     


Cold smoked filet of char
with marinated fennel, cucumber and radish


Tatar of beef
with Piment d’Espelette cream, quail egg and wild herb


Burrata with vine tomatoes, olive oil and old balsamic vinegar


César Ritz salad with olives, tomatoes, croutons and parmesan
- with pan-fried sliced turkey breast       
- with pan-fried prawns         


Niçoise salad
with short pan-fried tuna, olives, tomatoes and potato croutons      


Salad with marinated vegetables and pan-fried game fish 





per piece





EUR 3,50



EUR 18,00



EUR 16,00



EUR 18,00


EUR 14,00



EUR 11,00

EUR 16,00

EUR 18,00


EUR 19,00


EUR 21,00





Marseille Bouillabaisse
with pan-fried noble fish, toast and aioli sauce


Tomato essence with green asparagus and basil ricotta dumplings


Foam soup of Frankfurt green herbs with truffle ravioli 



EUR 12,00


EUR 11,00


EUR 12,00





Orcchiette pasta
with Taggiasca olives, marinated cherry tomatoes and rocket salad
- with pan-fried prawns 
- with diced and pan-fried filet of beef   








EUR 16,00

EUR 24,00

EUR 24,00

Whole fried sole
with lemon, butter, leaf spinach and parsley potatoes


Red mullet pan-fried on the skin
with saffron foam, aubergine caviar and potato croutons 




EUR 36,00



EUR 24,00






250 g saddle of beef steak 
with pepper sauce, glazed vegetables and fried potatoes  32


“Wiener Schnitzel” with cranberries
- with potato cucumber salad  
- with fried potatoes       


200 g burger of Argentinean beef
with bone suckin’ sauce, onion jam, tomato, rocket salad and French fries         


French pan-fried corn-fed chicken breast
with morel cream sauce, creamy asparagus ragout and potato gnocchi 


Braised cheeks of veal
with red wine sauce, glazed carrots and potato rosemary mash




EUR 32,00



EUR 23,00

EUR 24,00



EUR 23,00



EUR 24,00

EUR 24,00


EUR 26,00






Assortment of cheese from our affineur Waltmann from Erlangen
with fig mustard, grapes and nuts



EUR 16,00






Green tea hazelnut financier
with strawberry salad and woodruff   


Coconut panna cotta
with lemongrass, ginger and passion fruit sorbet    


Lukewarm chocolate cake
with rhubarb compote and yoghurt ice cream 


Rice pudding
with elderflower jelly and peach compote  



EUR 10,50



EUR   9,00



EUR 10,00



EUR  9,00



Subject to modifications according to the current offer.

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