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Oysters Fine de claire speciales

5 piece     

EUR 15,00


Lettuce heart salad with yoghurt  dressing

blue cheese, bilberries and brioche croutons

EUR 10,00


Calf head carpaccio with tomato-pine nuts vinaigrette

EUR 15,00


Duck liver parfait

with apricot, almond jelly and brioche

EUR 15,00


Burrata with green bean seeds, olive oil

balsamico and rocket salad

EUR 14,00


Water melon gazpacho with prawns and basil

EUR 9,00






„Caccucio“ ligurian fish stew with baguette

EUR 25,00







Grilled tuna  with fried rice and green curry

EUR 26,00


Corn chicken breast

spinach risotto and chanterelles

EUR 22,00


Black Angus roastbeef with bean salad

and mashed potatoes

EUR 25,00






Plum crumble tarte with vanilla sauce and almond ice cream

EUR 9,00


Raspberry parfait with summer berries and yoghurt

EUR 10,00



with Bourbon Vanilla ice cream

EUR 6,00



Subject to modifications according to current offer.

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