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Lamb’s lettuce in potato bacon dressing     
Parfait of duck liver
with nuts and raisins, Riesling jelly and braided yeast bun 


Smoked Lake Constance trout
with cucumber and horse radish cream   


Marinated saddle of ox
with lamb’s lettuce and moulded cheese vinaigrette 





Prime boiled beef broth with pancake strips and vegetables



EUR   9,00



EUR 14,00



EUR 14,00



EUR 15,00





EUR   10,00





with chanterelle pearl barley and yellow beet


with red spinach beet, potatoes and mustard sauce
 Marinated braised beef
with hazelnuts, raisins and mashed potatoes


Pan-fried liver of veal
with glaced peaches, roasted onions and root vegetable puree




EUR 24,00



EUR 22,00



EUR 23,00



EUR 23,00





Apple pancakes with curd ice cream


Honey almond cake with pears and cranberry ice cream

EUR  9,00


EUR  9,00



Subject to modifications according to current offer.

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