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Lamb’s lettuce in potato bacon dressing     
Parfait of duck liver
with marinated pumpkin, pumpkin seeds and brioche  


Cold smoked salmon
with chive tramezzini and lamb’s lettuce    


Caramelized Picandou
with carpaccio of beetroot, black bread chips and water cress 





Hokkaido pumpkin soup with scallops and spiced breadcrumbs


EUR   9,00



EUR 14,00



EUR 15,00



EUR 14,00






EUR 11,00




Pike-perch from Mecklenburg
with Riesling cabbage and Macaire potatoes   


Tuna steak
with Asian vegetables and rice     
 Boeuf Bourguignon
with carrots and pan-fried potatoes    


Saddle of suckling pig
with savoy cabbage, black chanterelles and mashed potatoes 




EUR 24,00



EUR 25,00



EUR 22,00



EUR 23,00





Filled crêpe with oranges and curd ice cream    


Warm chocolate cake with vanilla rum raisin ice cream   

EUR  9,00


EUR  9,00



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