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Chicory salad in French dressing
with Fourme d’Ambert and brioche croutons   
Parfait of duck liver
with peach, almonds, Riesling jelly and brioche   


Fennel saffron salad
with red mullet and curry sour cream    


Prime boiled veal with pumpkin vinaigrette





Cream of cauliflower soup with chives oil




EUR   9,00



EUR 14,00



EUR 17,00


EUR 15,00





EUR   10,00





Cod saltimbocca
with beans and small potatoes  


with zucchini and clam tagliatelle    
Saddle of venison steak in pepper coat
with savoy cabbage and pumpkin spaetzle  


Knuckle of veal
with root vegetables and potato mash 




EUR 22,00



EUR 24,00



EUR 23,00



EUR 23,00





Semolina flummery
with plum and yoghurt poppy seed ice cream 


Coconut milk pudding
with pineapple, caramel and mango sorbet


EUR  9,00



EUR  9,00



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