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Kitchen round



Michael Kammermeier



Crab salad
Apple, olives, artichoke chips, water cress salad



Tristan Krick
Jacques Thull


Leipzig mixed vegetables
King prawn, asparagus, peas, morels, cauliflower, carrots



Daniel Böttinger
Jan Holdefehr


Alaska Black Cod
Parsley root, Fromage blanc, leek, linseed vinaigrette



Markus Schupp


Jewel perch
Gyoza, green asparagus, edamame, basmati rice stock



Dustin Ehlers


Saddle of lamb from Ireland smoked on hay
Wheat risotto, humus, beans, salty meadow herbs


Florian Hänel



Assortment of cheese from the Maître affineur Waltmann from Erlangen




Rhubarb tartlet
Cheese cake ice cream, bubblegum jelly, raspberry segments



Bernd Rassier




4 Course Menu        98,00
5 Course Menu      115,00
6 Course Menu      125,00


On demand with corresponding wine attendance


All prices are quoted in EURO and inclusive of VAT

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