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Kitchen Circle



Michael Kammermeier


Grated Alsatian Foie Gras

Quince, coconut, salt butter brioche


Jacques Thull
Daniel Böttinger


Duroc pork belly & Carabinero

with rice wine consommé

Kimchi, black garlic, chili, ginger, radish


Sascha van der Heide



Rape Negro

Puree of carrots, chorizo, passionfruit vinaigrette


Markus Schupp

Helge Straub



Saddle of roe deer

Black salsify, Brussel sprout, cranberry


Bernd Rassier



Salt butter ganache

Almond, oat flakes, mango passionfruit sorbet


Menu 110



Michael Kammermeier’s cook book „ENTE“


With corresponding wines upon request.


All prices are quoted in EURO and including VAT.

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