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Journey around the world




Michael Kammermeier


Raw marinated roast beef

"Greater Omaha"
with rice wine consommé
black garlic, coriander, ginger



Jacques Thull


Galician Crayfish
Cucumber, crustacean tapioca, fromage blanc, passionfruit, curry




Christian Kröndl


Pink-roasted calf’s heart
Mustard crust, marjoram, potato foam, summer beet




Daniel Böttinger


Breton redfish
Chimichurri, pimentos, avocado, piquillos



Sascha van der Heide


Black Cod
Bacon dashi, peas, sugar snaps, lemon



Markus Schupp


Saddle of roe deer with Bircher muesli
Celery, apple, pear, rolled oats, yoghurt



Helge Straub



Ananas parfait
Macadamia nut brittle, passionfruit mousse



Bernd Rassier



5 Course Menu      110,00
6 Course Menu      120,00
7 Course Menu      130,00



Our chef Michael Kammermeier’s cook book “ENTE“


If desired with corresponding wines


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