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Kitchen Circle



Michael Kammermeier


Carpaccio of the scottish scallop
cauliflower, mandarin, peanut

Cem Zierig



  Baked duck liver
smoked eel, pearl onion, teriyaki sauce


Peter Herdt



Pike-perch & Snail butter
parsley, broccoli, mushrooms


Jacques Thull



Young turbot
Black salsify noddles, black truffle, Pancetta, ox tail ravioli


Philip Bach



Saddle of roe deer
black pudding, black currant, celery, mole, black chanterelles


Markus Schupp

Helge Straub


Selection of cheese served from the trolley
from our Maître Affineur Waltmann


Benjamin Zingl


Fig - Coffee parfait
Chestnut cream, pear sorbet


Bernd Rassier


4 course menu      105,00
5 course menu      115,00
7 course menu      135,00





Sliced duck liver Alsatian style
red cabbage jelly, apple, chestnut-salted butter brioche



Belly of pork & Dublin Bay prawn
cast on Dashi
Kimchi, black garlic, chilli, ginger, radish



Winter cod ,,Finkenwerder style''
Busümer crabs, parsley, potato pearls, bacon vinaigrette



,Cheese noodles''
hand scraped egg yellow noodles, white Piedmont truffle, truffle pecorino



Loup de mer
curly kale, smoked ee, crispy pearls



US Roastbeef ''greater Omaha''
glaced with Honey & piement d'espelette
pumpkin, wild broccoli, sour cream



Mandarin granité
gingerbred, Sao Thome chocolate, mascarpone


4 course menu    105,00
5 course menu     115,00
7 course menu    135,00


Michael Kammermeier’s cook book „ENTE“


With corresponding wines upon request.


Please ask our staff for the key of the listed allergens and additives.


All prices are quoted in EURO and including VAT.

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