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Kitchen Circle



Michael Kammermeier



Ceviche from scottish Monkfish

shallot, chili, fingerlimes, coriander, avocado, water melon

Cem Zierig



                                                                              Pork belly & Langostino

Sauerkraut ice cream, cabbage, mustard seeds


Peter Herdt



Ahrenhorster Sheatfish & Calf head

artichoke, miso brew, radish


Jacques Thull



Atlantic Hake

leek, soubise, linseed vinaigrette


Philip Bach



„Etouffé” pigeon breast

pudding, blackcurrants, celery, mole, yoghurt


Markus Schupp

Helge Straub


Selection of cheese served from the trolley
from our Maître Affineur Waltmann


Martin Anselmann


Blackberry Granité

Sao Thome chocolate ganache, mascarpone, caramel


Bernd Rassier


4 course menu      105,00
5 course menu      115,00
7 course menu      135,00


Michael Kammermeier’s cook book „ENTE“


With corresponding wines upon request.


Please ask our staff for the key of the listed allergens and additives.


All prices are quoted in EURO and including VAT.

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