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Kitchen Circle



Michael Kammermeier


Amber mackerel „bonne femme“

cucumber, apple, shallots, joghurt, caviar of char


Jacques Thull


Celeriac & celery
creme, salad, stewed, crumbles, juice of celery


Christian Fiedler

Canadian lobster
corn crème brûlée, coconut foam, pea cress


Daniel Böttinger


Fried breast of veal
kale, sour cream, crispy wheat



Helge Straub


Braton gurnard

roasted cauliflower ravioli, wild broccoli, peanut, lemon


Markus Schupp

Roastbeef of heifer glazed with honey and allspice
pumpkin tortellini, pumpkin seed, sour cream



Martin Anselmann


Selection of cheese served from the trolley
from our Maître Affineur Waltmann



Bernd Rassier

milk ice cream, cornflakes, caramelized oatmeal, fruits, honey, nuts



4 course menu      105,00
5 course menu      115,00
6 course menu      125,00
8 course menu      145,00


Michael Kammermeier’s cook book „ENTE“


With corresponding wines upon request.


All prices are quoted in EURO and including VAT.

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