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Kitchen round



Michael Kammermeier


Raw-marinated Yellowtail Amberjack
Hibiscus blossoms, avocado, soy caviar, ginger



Jaques Thull


Canadian Lobster
Poached in orange butter, carrots, coconut, curry



Sascha van der Heide


Black Salsify & Aged Serrano Ham
Water cress, truffle stock



Ratapol Sassamann


Winter Cod & Sour Dough Crust
Colourful beets, spinach beet, yoghurt



Helge Straub


Challans Duck Breast
Celery, saffron chicory, coffee gravy



Daniel Böttinger


Assortment of cheese
from our maître affineur Waltmann from Erlangen



Julian Kipfmüller


Sesame Cannelloni
White chocolate cream, rhubarb, popcorn ice cream



Bernd Rassier





4 Course Menu        98,00
5 Course Menu      115,00
6 Course Menu      125,00
7 Course Menu      135,00


On demand with corresponding wine attendance


All prices are quoted in EURO and inclusive of VAT

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