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Antonio Saura – Retrospective

30th November 2012 – 17th March 2013


Beginning in autumn this year, the Museum Wiesbaden will be exhibiting the first extensive retrospective of Antonio Saura’s (1930 – 1998) life work in Germany. Antonio Saura is one of the most significant and important artists of the 20th century and belongs to most embossing exponents of the Spanish art of his epoch. Including 190 works, the exhibition extensively dedicates each of Saura’s creative phases, presents his large art series as main works and indicates aspects of the his illustrative and graphic oeuvres.

Friedrich Vordemberge‐Gildewart - „nichts – und alles“ („nothing – and all“)

24th November 2012 – Spring 2013


The 19th December 2012 is going to be the fifties anniversary of Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart’s (1899 – 1962) death. For this reason, the Museum Wiesbaden presents the exhibiion „nichts – und alles“ („nothing – an all“), which will expose the concealed diversity of the artists of the German Constructivism’s first hour. On the basis of carefully selected works, the exhibition not only portrays Gildewart as painter and grapic artist, but also as interior designer, typographer and building and construction designer.


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