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Asparagus menu

1 pound of German Asparagus
with new potatoes and hollandaise sauce

Served with:

100 g air-dried Heide ham         
100 g Rheingau wine-grower ham       
120 g Escalope à la Viennese       
G 140 g Beef tournedos         
G 100 g Smoked salmon        
140 g pan-fried salmon       

“Orangerie Style”
Asparagus with slices of lobster, truffle and lobster sauce


“North German Style”
Asparagus with scrambled egg with herbs
cucumber, bacon and Büsum shrimps


“Milano Style“
Asparagus and parmesan with melted brown butter baked in the oven


“Gourmet Style“
Asparagus with crayfish and crayfish sauce 



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