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Around the goose

Our geese all come from Daniel's Hühnerhof in Seibersbach/Hunsrück.
Our chef de cuisine Carsten Lang has personally visited and Daniel Elsner’s farm to see for himself the chickens, geese etc produced there. Daniel Elsner has been running this farm very successfully for the past 20 years.


Facts about geese:
The freshly-hatched goslings arrive on Daniel’s farm at the tender age of just two days old. From early in the morning to late at night the goslings have free run of the meadows where they feed exclusively on grass, oats and crushed maize. Crushing the maize allows the goslings to absorb the full value of the fibre, unsaturated fats and vitamins in the maize creating a very high quality meat. 







Lamb’s lettuce in potato dressing with black walnuts and pomegranate     
-with pan-fried goose liver        

-with warm smoked breast of duck and cinnamon balsamic plums 


Goose liver terrine in pyramid cake coating
with quince ragout and lamb’s lettuce     


Rillette of free-range goose
with red wine shallots, marinated pumpkin and pumpernickel


EUR 14,00

EUR 18,00

EUR 22,00



EUR 19,00



EUR 19,00




Consommé of Seidersbach free-range goose
with meat, vegetable strips and puff pastry fleuron


EUR 12,00

Main courses


Gröstl of goose
with creamy savoy cabbage, glaced pears
and pan-fried potato dumplings      


Breast and Leg of free-range goose
with baked apple, chestnuts, red cabbage and potato dumplings 


For 4-6 persons
Whole Seibersbach free-range goose
carved at the table with typical side dishes









EUR 26,00



EUR 39,00




EUR 195,00



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