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Thermal waters

Our pool encompasses some 70 m2 and is filled with pure thermal water from our very own mineral spring. 
Even as far back as the 11th century BC when the Romans founded "Aquae Mattiacae" the Wiesbaden thermal waters were already recognised as having healing properties. One of the sodium chloride rich mineral springs that was used by the Romans is still bubbling away beneath the Nassauer Hof today. Much to the delight of our guests who can benefit from the healing properties of the waters just as much today as once the Romans.


The thermal waters have been proved not only to relax and detoxify the body and cleanse the skin but also to stimulate circulation and  blood flow. They have also been shown to be particularly efficacious in the treatment of rheumatic diseases (polyarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis), degenerative diseases of the joints and spine, join anomalies caused by gout, diseases of the respiratory system and in post-accident or post sport injury treatment plans.


A chemical analysis of the waters from the spring by Laboratorium Fresenius have shown that the waters are at a constant 65.8° Celsius making this one of the warmest mineral spas in Central Europe.

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