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Oysters Fine de claire speciales

5 piece     

EUR 15,00


Lambs lettuce salad with pickled pumpkin and roasted pumpkin seeds

EUR 10,00


Marinated ox tongue with lentil salad, radish and horseradish

EUR 14,00


Duck liver parfait with grapes, riesling jelly and brioche

EUR 15,00


Marinated salmon with orange-fennel-salad and curry
EUR 15,00






Gratin french onion soup

EUR 9,00






Cod with barley risotto and beetroot

EUR 24,00


Grilled tuna with potato-hijack-ragout, olives and cherry tomatoes

EUR 26,00


Braised beef shoulder with parsnip puree and broccoli

EUR 23,00


Pink roasted lamb shank with Fregola Sarda and topinambur

EUR 24,00






Blueberry crepes with vanilla sauce and yoghurt ice cream

EUR 9,00


Hot apple strudel with sabayon and nougat ice cream

EUR 10,00


Espresso with bourbon vanilla ice cream

EUR 6,00



Subject to modifications according to current offer.

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