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White radicchio

with French Dressing, black walnuts and blue cheese


Marinated Arctic salmon

with asparagus and egg vinaigrette


Duck liver parfait

with marinated rhubarb, almond and brioche


Pink prime boiled veal

with wild garlic and radish








EUR 12,00



EUR 17,00



EUR 15,00



EUR 16,00




Asparagus cream soup with little prawns and wild garlic pesto






EUR 11,00





with asparagus risotto and herb salad


Fried Pulpo

with pastasotto, lemon,broccoli and almonds


Duck “Gröstl” with beans, bacon and onion


Saddle of veal

with asparagus - gnocchi ragout and melted tomatoes



German Asparagus 250g
raw & cooked ham
small escalope of veal
filet of beef



EUR 24,00



EUR 23,00



EUR 22,00



EUR 25,00



EUR 15,00


EUR 10,00
EUR 12,00
EUR 16,00





Coconut parfait

with mango und passionsfruit


Blood orange tart

with Riesling ice cream



EUR 9,00


EUR 10,00


Subject to modifications according to current offer.

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