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Hessian State Theatre

FaustIn and Out / The tragedy’s second part

Première on Friday 26th April 2013, 19.30


The incarcerated Gretchen, her muddled vocals, the few clear moments in which she realizes her fate - so ends the tragedy of a young woman who experienced something that you now understand as seduction of a minor and would be severely punished. The guilty, Dr. Johann Faustus, continues his way unmolested for further five acts. He assisted in the invention of paper money, runs wild masquerade, is traveling through epochs, begets a son, operates a large-scale dam construction project and will eventually be prevented from pursuing his deeds and misdeeds only by his death.

Rise and Fall of the City Mahagonny

Première on Saturday 27th April 2013, 19.30
Additonal date: 23rd June 2013, 19.30


Opera in three acts by Kurt Weill | libretto by Bertolt Brecht


A typhoon threatenes the Paradise City of Mahagonny, in which the inhabitants live a contemplative, but increasingly discontented life. The threat inspired a new law: you are allowed to do anything! And although the typhoon spared the city, the inhabitants continued to live to the new standard. The city thrives on the rise and needs and with them the prices. The one problem it brings with it: One can have anything, but only if he can pay for it! When Jim Mahoney, who introduced the law himself, runs out of money, he is sentenced to death.

Don Quijote

Première on Sunday, 23rd June 2013


Somewhere in a small town in Spain's La Mancha sits the small gentry Alonso Quijano, reading chivalric romances one after another. He reads until the boundaries between reality and fantasy have so far mixed, he imagines himself as a knight-errant, and decides to seek the death-defying adventure. Without further ado, he changed his name to Don Quijote - which sounds better and promises greater glory. He pulls to go into the unknown.


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