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This tour with the mountain bike is a bit more sporty! Appropriate clothing and a good condition are already necessary to this approx. 4 hour tour to enjoy. You can start right away, because at your starting point, where we "drop you off" you will find your bikes, including a helmet, a packed backpack with provisions and a map with the hotspots. Once back at the hotel, we will spoil you with a relaxing massage.

  • 4 hour mountain bike/e-bike tour
  • Private limousine transfers
  • Nassauer Hof backpack with catering
  • Trail map
  • 1 relaxing massage of 30 min. p. p.

Bookability: April - October 2020

from 279,00 € per person

The service is on request and availability only. We will reconfirm you the booking of the service within 24hours. Please make sure your e-mail is vaild and correct.This package does not include an overnight stay, which must be selected additionally.

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